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Preventive Health Care

At Ainslie Animal Hospital we believe that preventive medicine is the best medicine. We strongly encourage yearly examinations and vaccinations. During your pets examination the veterinarian will give your pet a thorough exam which includes heart, lungs, skin, teeth etc. They will discuss any concerns or problems your pet is experiencing. They will be weighed and using our new computerized weight management system, your pets optimum weight will be determined and weight management will be discussed if needed.

Celebrating Seniors

As pets age there are changes in their bodies that can make a difference in the quality of their lives. Some of these changes can result in disease or chronic pain. Early detection of these changes offers the best chance to eliminate or ease their effect resulting in longer, happier lives. Regular check ups, blood testing and imaging such as ultrasound or X-rays are the best tools to use for this purpose and are routinely offered at Ainslie Animal Hospital.

Surgical Services

We offer all the elective surgeries such as spays and neuters. Non elective procedures such as tumour removal, dentistry are also part of our service. The use of newer, safer anesthetics and fluid therapy during surgery decrease the risk factors associated with anesthesia and result in shorter recovery time for the animal. Complicated surgeries such as orthopaedics are performed by surgical specialists who travel to the clinic when needed.


Nutrition is the number one factor to a long and happy life; you are what you eat! We offer a range of high quality diets by companies such as Hills, Royal Canin/Veterinary Medical Diets and Iams. Prescription diets to help with health problems such as kidney disease, diabetes, arthritis and bowel disease are available as well as lifestyle diets for the different stages of your pets life. Any foods not directly stocked can be ordered in within 24 hours and can also be ordered through the Webstore for delivery to the clinic or your home.

Laboratory Tests

Our inhouse lab offers tests such as urinalysis, fecal examinations, preoperative blood work and heartworm testing. We will also send samples to our local laboratory, Idexx, where most extensive testing can be performed such as T4 testing, cytology, histology etc.


Dental disease is one of the most common preventable ailments affecting our pets. And it is often one of the most overlooked. Your pet may continue eating despite the pain associated with dental disease. Often it is not detected until a bad odor is noticed coming from your pets mouth. A dental workup includes:

  1. Dental examination - all animals teeth are examined to determine the presence and/or extent of dental disease. The veterinarian may recommend a course of antibiotics before your pet has his dental cleaning.
  2. Preanesthetic blood work is always recommended. This will check all organ functions as well as check for infections, anemia etc which could adversely affect your pet when under anesthetic. This will be performed the morning of your pets scheduled prophylaxis.
  3. Dental procedure - this involves cleaning the tartar off the teeth, checking gums, and extractions if necessary. A thorough polish of all teeth will then be performed. A complimentary recheck at 10-14 days post dentistry will be done to ensure your pet is doing well and extraction sites have healed.

Diagnostic Imaging



X-rays are a very useful diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine. It is used to evaluate both bones and tissues depending on the ailment affecting your pet. Our highly qualified staff will perform the X-ray on your pet and the veterinarian will then read the radiographs to determine the cause of your pets ailment. Most pets are quite amiable about having this non invasive procedure but mild sedation may be required and will be discussed when your pet is dropped off for their procedure.


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